Apr 07, 2023

Baby badger found frozen by dog walker in Lincolnshire woodland

The badger cub is believed to be less than two weeks old

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The badger was found by a dog walker in woodland near Market Rasen

She was "frozen solid" and kept warm in a jacket

Staff at East Winch Wildlife Centre said she is being fed with formula

They hope to find another orphaned cub to raise them together.

A tiny badger cub found abandoned in woodland in Lincolnshire is recovering at an RSPCA centre.

The orphaned animal was spotted by a dog walker "frozen solid" in Chambers Farm Woods, Market Rasen, on 13 February.

Fearing it was dead until she saw a paw move, the woman picked the cub up and kept it warm inside a jacket before calling the RSCPCA.

Staff at East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk have been caring for the creature and said they hope she can "pull through".

RSPCA Insp Dan Bradshaw said: "The poor badger had been found lying on the ground in the woods and it was lucky the dog found her as she probably wouldn't have lasted much longer.

"We are really grateful to the lady for all her effort in helping this poor cub."

He said once the cub had warmed up she was calling out for food and he took her to the wildlife centre at East Winch.

The cub is recovering at East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk

Evangelos Achilleos, from the centre, said the cub was probably less than two weeks old as she had not opened her eyes.

"We don't know why the cub was found on her own.

"It could have been a number of reasons, but we are doing our best to give her a fighting chance."

He said they were working with other rehabilitation centres to try and find another orphan cub so they could be reared together.

"She is being fed with formula round the clock and we hope that she is strong enough to pull through, " he added.

According to the RSPCA, badger cubs are typically born from the beginning of February to late April and stay below ground not emerging from their sett until they are eight to 10 weeks old.

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