Aug 20, 2023

Best Choice Products Jeep is one of the best electric cars for kids

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My 2-year-old nephew is absolutely obsessed with all things automobiles, so, when it came time to buy gifts for his first Christmas, it was a no-brainer to get him some sort of electric car. My siblings and I had our own two-seater electric Jeep growing up in the ‘90s, so why shouldn't the next generation be able to get in on the fun?

After researching countless cars across a wide range of prices, my sister settled on the Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride-on Truck. It's definitely a pricier option compared to smaller electric scooters that could sell for as low as $90, but, short of the official Jeep branding my childhood car had, this one features all sorts of modern accouterments that weren't possible in past decades.

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Given that our little one is just 2 years old, we needed to find an electric car with as many safety features as we could afford. For that, the Best Choice Ride-on Truck has been outstanding. In addition to operating by pedal, like our old car, the Best Choice Kids Truck features a Bluetooth-powered remote control so parents can take the wheel at any time.

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The controls are extremely simple, and they allow the user to see which of the three speed settings the vehicle is on. If you’re driving on grass, the high-speed setting is almost mandatory. As much as my nephew loves cruising around the neighborhood in his new wheels, I think my dad enjoys piloting this human-sized RC car just as much. Beyond the safety and security of a remote, the Best Choice Truck also has a large seatbelt that drapes across the seat, as well as doors that lock so a child can't inadvertently open them from the inside.

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As solid as this electric toy truck is at a base level, however, it's its extras that are perhaps most impressive. When it comes to listening to music, the truck features everything a modern vehicle in the real-world might have, including an FM radio, Bluetooth functionality for device pairing, an AUX input, microSD card slot and even a USB port. Wherever or however your kid wants to rock out, this tiny vehicle supports it. Outside the truck, its LED headlights look eerily similar to the real thing.

All of these features are easily accessed from the front panel, but they’re simple to ignore if you don't want them. My nephew is so little that we haven't experimented with the music additives much, but everything has worked as advertised.

No product can be perfect, and the Best Choice Kids Ride-on Truck is no exception, though our complaints are minor. While the remote absolutely functions as intended, it may take a while to get used to the vehicle's slow speed when turning. If danger were to suddenly appear, for example, the truck isn't capable of making an immediate turn. Given a fairly small window to prepare and a little practice, though, the handling functions just fine.

While not a huge deal in our case, some reviewers also found the device's two-hour battery life to be a bit short. The chassis is also a little small, in most cases only large enough to support one kid comfortably, but it's also not exactly compact enough to fit inside a standard car trunk. As long as you only plan on having a single driver and don't need to travel with it, this electric truck is a truly awesome toy.

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