Jun 04, 2023

Hallmark Stars Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes Are Real

They're two peas in a Hallmark pod. Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker have an off-screen friendship that's as heartwarming as their on-screen performances. Fans of the duo's work are likely well-acquainted with the actors, but not everyone knows these two are not just colleagues but best friends and family.

Walker and Hynes, bound together through marriage - Walker being married to Hynes' cousin, Cassandra Troy - have been close for nearly two decades. And through that connection (and working together!), they've established a connection that resonates deeply in their personal lives and on our television screens.

"We talk weekly," Walker told Us Weekly in February 2023. "I've known the guy for 19 years since he started coming to her house for Christmases when I first met my wife. We have a deep appreciation for each other."

Hallmark viewers were quick to pick up on their off-screen friendship that dates back to the mid-2000s. Their bond was further solidified when Walker shared a cozy snapshot on Instagram in April 2021, with the two chuckling over a Hallmark movie on the couch, captioning it with a heartfelt comment about their shared viewing experience.

"It was always us...," Walker wrote. "Just sitting here enjoying #the27hourday with @tyler_hynes my one and only viewing partner."

A post shared by AW Walker (@awalkk35)

That same year, after a surge of fan requests, both actors made surprise appearances in each other's Hallmark holiday films, My Christmas Family Tree and An Unexpected Christmas, much to the delight of viewers.

In 2022, they even starred together with Hallmark Channel's Paul Campbell in the well-received Three Wise Men and a Baby.

Their friendship goes beyond the silver screen, too. In June 2022, Walker and Hynes offered their fans a sneak peek into their trip to Universal Studios. The duo's Instagram posts featured them savoring a colossal donut, accompanying their photos with endearing captions that playfully reflect their bromance.

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And there seem to be more appearances together coming in the future. Hynes hinted at future on-screen collaborations, suggesting a formula where their group dynamic leads to various humorous scenarios - a stew that fans can't resist.

"I guess the people have spoken," he told Us Weekly. "I'm pretty sure we'll probably do another movie together."

"Knowing Kimberley and Paul, [they] will come out with a brilliant concept that will, you know, blow everyone away," he added.

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