Aug 05, 2023

Living 'car

MILWAUKEE — We're in the middle of Wisconsin Bike Week and for some families, picking a bike over a car is already an everyday choice.

They'll tell you that there are many benefits to picking two wheels over four, including financial.

Some families are so committed, they're shifting to a "car-lite" lifestyle — not quite ready to go completely car-free but deciding to share just one car.

Craig Frizzell says as he and his wife began to rely more on their e-bikes, it gave him a new perspective on Milwaukee's reckless driving problem.

He believes bike-friendly infrastructure could be one way to help curb reckless driving and make our streets safer.

"Some streets are better than others as I'm sure everybody intuitively knows," he said. "There are some places we're not going to bike, there are some places that we'll bike if we have to — but don't generally like it."

The summer of 2023 will be a test ride for Rachel Waughlen and her new e-bike.

"No regrets, it's been great," she added with a smile.

She says the swap is already saving her family money.

"I got my email to re-register my car and I was like, 'Oh, I don't have to pay it' because I don't have that car anymore."

Both the Frizzell family and the Waughlen family are now relying on one car. While some people might see that as limiting, Craig Frizzell says his family is supporting local businesses a lot more than they have in the past simply because on an e-bike, it's quick and easy to visit their favorite spots — and they never have to worry about parking.

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