Jul 20, 2023

London On Da Track Responds To Summer Walker's 'Still Over It'

Summer Walker released her sophomore album, Still Over It, and it was full of heartbreak break anthems that ooze of regret, disappointment, confusion and fury. Walker was able to bring such a project to life after going through a break-up of her own from producer London on da Track, whom she also welcomed a daughter with earlier this year.

London on da Track, who ironically has credits throughout the album, gave brief feedback via social media about him being dragged on almost every track of the album.

In a series of Instagram story posts he said: "Lol just woke up. What happened?…Oh s***. Album's out. I’m just glad to be an inspiration. Keep streamin!!"

On the album, Walker called out London on da Track, born London Holmes, for taking her for granted, making her feel like she was less than and not being as present as he should’ve been during her pregnancy. She also called out his mother, Cheryl Mack, for being an enabler and the mothers of his children for not allowing him to see his children.

In a slew of social media posts over the past year, Walker has slammed Holmes for being a "ghetto baby daddy from hell," giving "big narcissist vibes," and for being "selfish and lame."

After Walker released her album, she shared a special message via Instagram to his followers cautioning them to not follow in her footsteps.

"Take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes," her post read. "You don't have to guess if something is love. Love is shown through actions. Stop making excuses for people who don't show up for you. Don't ignore the red flags. And don't think you have to stay somewhere ‘cause you can't find better — you can and you will. Don't settle for less — you don't deserve it and neither does your family."

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