Oct 06, 2023

Mum left furious after toddler falls 'head

Faye Croft was on a family holiday when she decided to hire some karts to pedal around for the day when her two-year-old son Ethan fell head-first out of the front, landing on the road

A mum has been left furious after her toddler fell "head-first" out of a pedal kart whilst on holiday.

Faye Croft, 29, was on a family trip away at Skipsea Sands caravan park in East Yorkshire in July - when they decided to hire some karts to pedal around for the day.

However, while riding the karts, her two-year-old son Ethan fell head-first out of the front.

The tot landed on the road suffering bruising to his head and getting a big scratch to his face.

Faye, from Huddersfield, claims that one of the seats came loose when they went over a speedbump and Ethan "went flying out the front of the vehicle", YorkshireLive reported.

She also says staff at the holiday park failed to provide them with any health and safety advice regarding the pedal karts and that they were not told how to use the brakes or seatbelts.

Faye said: "We got to the reception and said we wanted to hire two two karts.

"The guy behind the desk said we just needed two £10 deposits and to just go wait at the side and they would get them for us.

"Then they just said the karts needed to come back at 4.10pm.

"They didn't tell us anything about safety nothing about belts or where we could or couldn't go in the park."

As Faye was pedalling with her 10-year-old nephew alongside her and her two children in the front she approached a speed bump.

When the kart went over the speed bump the chair fell out taking her son Ethan with it.

Faye said: "The whole chair fully came out of the kart, he was seat-belted in and the whole seat went flying out, he landed on the ground head first, it was lucky he was still in the chair because I would have run him over.

"I scooped him out and he had a massive egg on his head and a scratch to his face. My daughter then stood up and said ‘mummy my seats come out.'"

The family then went back to the caravan to calm down following the incident.

Faye went down to the reception the next day to speak to staff about what happened but said she got very little response.

She said: "I was told there was no manager there and I would have to come back tomorrow.

"I said that was unacceptable and they said they can offer first aid, they gave me an accident report form but it turned out to be the wrong one."

The family went back the next day to speak to a manager who asked if they signed an accident waiver - something Faye claims they were never given.

She added: "The manager asked if we signed a waiver, we said 'no', we just gave them the money and off we went.

"He told us that shouldn't have happened and said he would get in touch with the people they rent the karts from and ask them to do a full investigation."

The incident happened on Sunday, July 31, and to this day Faye claims she has had no response from Parkdean Resorts - and wants answers for what happened with her son.

She said: "We went home that Monday, I rang the complaints department on Tuesday and the lady on the phone said they would ring me on Friday to say if they had sent anybody out.

"It got to Friday and no one had rang me so I rang them at 2pm and asked and they said they would get the manager to ring at 4pm but he didn't.

"My husband was fuming so he rang and they said we needed to speak to the park, not the complaints department so we rang the park and they said there was nothing they could do.

"They said they can give us 25 per cent off another holiday and we said we don't want that because we have had no contact from the park or anyone, even now no one has been in touch about it.

"The manager said it's not the park's fault, it's the people they rent the karts from and I said 'no it was your staff who gave us the karts'.

"They didn't tell us how to use the brakes or how to use the seatbelts, obviously it is common sense but it's not the point."

Faye says she is still waiting for someone to contact her to explain. She said she felt insulted throughout the whole process and feared the situation could have been a lot worse.

She said: "It annoyed me more because nobody has been in touch with me, I haven't heard anything from anybody.

"The manager asked how fast we were going, I’m not stupid it was just like an insult.

"If I was going any faster it could have been worse, it could have killed him, he literally ended up headfirst, it was awful.

"He's alright now, obviously you can still see where it happened, it's still really red, but he is alright in himself."

Parkdean Resorts has confirmed it is aware of the incident and is looking into it.

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