Oct 19, 2023

Porsche Brings the Kid Out of Us with $900 Pedal Go

Lacking a driving license shouldn't be a reason not to drive a

Lacking a driving license shouldn't be a reason not to drive a Porsche, right? This is what the German carmaker thought when it launched the newest item from the Porsche Driver's Selection, a pedal go-kart that can be driven by children from the age of five.

A new highlight in the Porsche Lifestyle Collection, the 5-feet (1.52-meter) long go-kart is a true Porsche, as it only weighs 55 pounds (25 kg). The go-kart uses high-quality drive components typically used for constructing bicycles and has composite wheel rims fitted with low-profile, inflatable tyres with inner tubes.

The tubular steel frame makes it suitable for children weighing up to 110 pounds (50 kg) with a height of up to 5 feet (152 cm). Standard equipment includes a sport seat, back-pedal brake and handbrake. The price to make your 5-year-old kid a Porsche fan? A "mere" $900 (€675).

If Porsche targets children with its go-kart, BMW wants to convince motorsport fans to buy its latest marketing product – the BMW Motorsport Tent. The carmaker says the two-person tent can be put up in the time it takes to do a lap of the Hockenheimring – that is 2 minutes for a BMW M3 DTM.

BMW says the tent is highly water resistant thanks to the polyester sides with PU coating and taped seams, with the 220 x 150 x 110 cm interior staying dry while the side ventilation flaps provide fresh air. Of course, the tent has a BMW Motorsport logo on the side and the slogan "powered by M."

By Dan Mihalascu