Mar 21, 2023


1000-LB. Sisters' Amy Slaton has shown off the toys and diapers all over the floor of her messy home.

Amy, 35, shared a sweet video of her sons Gage, two, and Glenn, eight months, playing in the living room.

In the TikTok vid, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star filmed Gage as he walked around with a hobby horse.

While Glenn sat in his baby walker, he stared in awe at the sounds of the children's toy.

Unfortunately, a box full of diapers sat in the corner while stuffed toys were littered all over the floor.

The TLC star asked fans to pardon the messy floor.

"Excuse the toys, the boys were playing, but I had to capture this moment and share it with all of you," she wrote.

Amy shares her adorable little ones with estranged husband Michael Halterman.

In March, Michael filed for dissolution of marriage with children against Amy, according to Kentucky court documents exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun.

Recently, the former couple faced off in court, where the judge granted their wish to break their strict 500-feet-apart and no-contact rule to swap their vehicles.

Contact is not permitted outside of their privately agreed-upon contract.

However, the two are allowed to communicate via text exclusively about parenting their sons.

A civil restraining order is also expected to be filed separately as the open divorce case in its place.

Amy previously dropped the domestic violence claims against Michael in court.

Amy and Michael have also been duking it out in court over their temporary joint custody schedule.

Her former partner now wants full joint custody and is eager to work out a schedule to take care of his two boys.

Michael proposed an alternating schedule where he would take care of them for four days the first week and three the following, but Amy rejected the proposal.

According to a U.S. Sun eyewitness, Amy left the court with her half-sister Amanda Halterman, 42, who had been flailing her arms and appeared to be ranting.

Although sister Tammy, 36, appeared to have stayed at home, Amy, Amanda, and her brother Chris Combs, 42, stuck around outside of the courthouse to film a scene with the camera crew and share a cigarette.

Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom.

Michael left the court separately and dodged the cameras before going around the back corner to smoke a cigarette.

Since the split, Michael has been crashing at his mother's three-bedroom home.

1000-LB. Sisters' Amy Slaton has shown off the toys and diapers all over the floor of her messy home.