May 07, 2023

American Idol's Colin Stough takes late

AMERICAN Idol's Colin Stough has shared some highlights from a late night spent cruising with friends.

The 18-year-old was recently slammed for smoking and riding a motorcycle, but it seems his party nights aren't behind him just yet.

Colin filmed a video and posted it on his Instagram Stories late Monday night.

The American Idol third-place finisher filmed himself sitting in the back seat of a car and panned the camera to show his friends and the open road.

"Good kickins @iamchasematthew @trevorsnidermusic," he captioned the video.

A country song played on the radio as they drove down a dark road.

His friend, Chase, then shared a video to his Instagram story.

Chase let out a joyful "woo" and then panned the camera to Colin, who threw up a peace sign.

Their friend in the back smiled before the clip showed Chase driving again.

Last month, Colin was slammed for smoking and riding motorcycles at night with his friends.

The country singer shared a photo of himself holding a cigar while hanging out with fellow musician, Chase Matthew

Colin and Chase, who held a can of beer in one hand, posed in front of a log fire they'd made outdoors.

The teenager also posted a second video of someone on a motorcycle, speeding down a road with the front wheel raised off the ground.

The person filming the clip also appeared to be riding a motorcycle.

Colin captioned the post: "You can take the boys outta the country but you can't take the country outta the boys."

The Idol finalist added the hashtags, "Mississippi, "Nashville," and, "holler."

Fans flooded the comments with their shock over Colin smoking and begged the teenager to stay out of trouble.

One commented: "Ok.. all your new fans you worked so hard to acquire & now you’re on verge of great career & you do foolish things like this!

"PLEASE show your fans more respect & use good sense. The Lord gave you this talent & opportunity don't blow it."

Another added: "Dude keep it safe … Keep it legal we all want you to turn into an Eagle.

"You have a long career of beautiful music ahead of you young man!! Lots of young people are watching."

A third posted: "Oh Colin, no one, especially me, needs to judge; but, please don't smoke and ruin that amazing voice box of yours!

"Enjoy life to its fullest; but, be safe doing it I want to see you grow."

Yet another user urged: "Stay humble and outta trouble, plenty of good stuff to come, get your career on track, you have a lifetime of good times ahead, take it slow my friend!"

Colin has gained a strong following since appearing on American Idol.

The teenage singer lost to Iam Tongi and Megan Danielle in the Season 21 finale.

A few days after Colin's fans slammed him, he said they "blow his mind."

Colin put the controversy aside as he interacted with fans at a music store in New York City.

The teen visited the store to check out some guitars after his performance on Live with Kelly and Mark.

The Idol finalist shared a video of himself posing with a fan and a guitar at the store on his Instagram Story on Tuesday.

He captioned it: "Man, thanks for the love today!

"I was just popping by to check out some guitars and get some guitar parts and I left with a new friend and some amazing new gear."

The country singer added: "Y'all blow my mind with all this love and support! Thank you so much."