Oct 08, 2023

Best Racing Game Controllers (Updated 2023)

Are you road-ready? Let's play. Get the best racing game controllers to be your best behind the onscreen wheel.

When the first racing game came out in 1973 with Atari's Space Race, where two players controlled spaceships that raced against each other while avoiding obstacles like comets and meteors, the first introduction of the racing game was born. This competitive first-generation racing game had black-and-white graphics and was controlled with a joystick. Since then, racing games remain a staple in the gaming community, with such subgenres as Arcade-style Racing, Simulation Racing, Futuristic Racing, and Kart Racing — a sub-genre made notably popular by Nintendo's Mario Kart.

As racing games fanatics know, good control is crucial when it comes to, um, controlling a vehicle — spaceships, race cars, or otherwise. That's where having the best racing game controllers come in. Yes, having the right controller can really up your virtual driving game. But with a plethora of video game-driving equipment out there, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Don't fret, we can save you time and the online "legwork" by putting together these superb racing controllers. So, whether it's Mario Kart or just any ole racing game, be sure to check out this list of best racing game controllers — guaranteed to have you putting the pedal to the metal!

If you are looking for a solid racing game controller, you really can't go wrong with the G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel from Logitech. One of the best tech companies on the market, Logitech is a leading manufacturer of remotes, computer keyboards, and other accessories, as well as sound systems, etc. Their portfolio also includes video game accessories such as headphones, and of course, controllers. Compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, the Logitech G920 Driving Force racing controller is indeed top-of-the-line (just ask its 17,604 user reviews!). It's connected by USB and comes with a 900-degree steering wheel (meaning you can turn the wheel two and a half times) as well as responsive, adjustable floor pedals.

Covered in high-quality hand-stitched leather, the racing wheel controller feels luxurious and easy on the hands — reminiscent of a race car steering wheel in real life. The G920 Driving Force not only looks good, it also has high marks in the performance department: its dual-motor force feedback imitates a real driving experience, providing realistic and precise control. With gears modeled after gears used in real car transmissions, this racing game controller delivers a smooth and quiet steering motion to its users. The built-in D-Pad and console buttons are easy to access and won't interfere with your game in progress.

Another racing game controller from tech-superstar Logitech, the G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals is about as pro as a racing game controller can get. Featuring Trueforce technology, this video game controller provides high-definition force feedback — thanks to that rapid processing at 4000 times per second, providing a next-generation simulation to its user. The programmable dual clutch with launch assist control will let you zoom past your competition at the starting line faster with maximum traction — automatically putting you in the lead right off the bat.

The G923 Racing Wheel is crafted with oh-so-nice premium materials: like the brushed metal wheel covered with beautiful hand-stitched leather, along with polished metal pedals, making it not only feel great but look great, as well. Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC, the integrated Playstation controls on the steering wheel guarantee efficiency and a high-performing precision competitive driving experience. The progressive brake pedal accurately simulates the function of a pressure-sensitive brake system to add to the realistic driving experience.

Leave your opponents in the dust with this high-performing racing game controller from Logitech — which promises to deliver the most realistic racing experience while propelling you to cross the finish line first!

For a fun and colorful twist on your average racing game controller, turn to the Racing Wheel Controllers for Joy-Con from TALK WORKS. Perfectly fitted for any Joy-Con, this racing wheel rig is comfortable and colorful, while its ergonomic design allows for steering precision. Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, the controllers come as a two-pack — promised to bring your friends and family hours of racing fun.

Simply click in your desired Joy-Con into the steering wheel and transform your Switch controller into the ultimate racing game controller, and off you go! Providing a comfortable fit for even the hands of your little one, these racing wheel controllers work with both the left and right Joy-Cons. Coming in seven fun color combinations, the TALK WORKS racing wheel controllers come in black, gray, blue/yellow, a fun Mario & Luigi theme (essentially red and green), neon pink/neon green, neon red/neon blue, and purple/orange.

Perfect for a two-player race, this set of racing game controllers has versatility, quality craftsmanship, and smooth precision performance — thanks to the controller's ergonomic design. Jump into a quick game or two with this set of racing wheel controllers from TALK WORKS.

For ultimate flexibility in racing game controllers, look no further than the Superdrive SV200 Driving Wheel from Subsonic. This sleek driving wheel has a 180-degree rotation, and along with the included set of two gear shifting pedals (for acceleration and brake), ensures an oh-so-smooth driving experience.

The must-have accessory for any racing game fanatic, this racing driving wheel is compatible with most video game systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is even compatible with Windows PC games. The Superdrive SV200 Driving Wheel is fully adjustable, which means you can program everything (that is buttons, paddles, and pedals) to your exact liking, right from the steering wheel controller. The 180-degree rotation steering wheel also comes with three driving sensitivity modes of low, medium, or high.

For those who want a more steady driving experience, you can easily attach your steering wheel to a table — thanks to the four suction pads, making it easy to adhere your controller to a stable surface. For an all-in-one racing game controller with superb function and flexibility, go with the Superdrive SV200 Driving Wheel from Subsonic.

Those who are looking for something a little different from your average racing game controller, the Wireless Switch Controller from Elisween might fit the bill. Looking like your standard video game controller, this controller is more than meets the eye. Packed with features like a turbo function and a six-axis gyro sensor, the Switch controller also features programmable buttons, dual shock motors that have three precise vibration levels (low, medium, and high) for incredible vibration feedback, and an easy one-button wake-up function. Playing a racing game is more precise than ever with the six-axis gyro sensor — allowing the controller to detect inclination, leading to a swift and accurate response; the player can also choose between auto turbo mode or manual turbo mode when using the adjustable turbo function.

Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, this video game controller is available in seven color options: black, black, and silver, black with LED light, white with LED light, red and blue, and transparent.

Race against your friends with the Wireless Switch Controller from Elisween. With features like a 360-degree joystick, precise D-Pad, and responsive trigger buttons along with the ones aforementioned, you are sure to bring home the trophy!

If minimalist is more your style, then check out the V3II Racing Wheel with Pedals from PXN. Boasting a six-in-one racing wheel, the racing game controller features a manual shifting design: made to simulate a real driving experience in every way with its racing shift paddles and a simple sliding mechanism to easily and swiftly shift gears.

Compatible with most video game systems, the PXN V3II racing wheel controller will work with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It is also compatible with Windows PC. Its realistic competition racing wheel design features dual-motor feedback, smart vibration levels that will automatically adjust according to the driving environment at the time, and an ergonomic design — guaranteed to provide hours of comfortable driving. The 180-degree rotation steering wheel is crafted with quality non-slip ABS matte material and a rubber texture coating, providing a non-slip and secure grip, so besides looking good, the racing game controller also feels good. The PXN V3II Racing Wheel comes in two colors: black and orange.

The collapsible race car simulation pedals are equipped with gas and brake controls and the included C-shaped fixed bracket will allow you to securely attach the controller to any table.

The newest version of the original Racing Wheel Overdrive from HORI, this model of Racing Wheel Overdrive from HORI will up your racing game for sure. Officially licensed by Microsoft and designed by HORI's Tokyo team, this racing video game controller features a full-size steering wheel along with two full-size pedals, as well as large paddle shifters — promising an ultra-realistic competitive driving simulation. With an option of switching from a 180-degree turn radius to a 270-degree turn radius on the fly, the high-performing steering wheel can help you fine-tune and adjust other settings: such as the dead zone, pedal sensitivity, etc.

Compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10, the racing game controller set also includes a built-in D-Pad and programmable buttons, making the steering wheel customizable to your exact liking. The companion app (available on Xbox and PC) allows for four different profiles that you can easily switch between. Safely attach the racing game controller to any flat surface with its high-quality sturdy clamp system that consists of steel parts — guaranteed to mount your controller with utmost security.

Whether it's Mario Kart or Team Sonic Racing that you and your buddies (or just you) are playing, reach for the Joy-Con racing wheels from Orzly. Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, these fun racing game controllers stay true to the color scheme of the Switch: blue and red. However, if you prefer a neutral color, this two-piece set is also available in black.

Effortlessly connecting via Bluetooth, this colorful set of steering wheels works with any Joy-Con (even OLED JoyCons), so just pop in your favorite Joy-Con with one swift click-in motion and go! Highly durable and scratch resistant, this two-pack of controllers is light as a feather and features an ergonomic design. The steering wheels also feature extra-large bumpers, ensuring even bigger hands can hold it comfortably, and, not to mention, they are easy to locate at a moment's notice — after all, you are trying to win a race here, so every second counts! The status light indicates your Joy-Con's syncing status as well as displays the player number, making it perfect for parties.

Play your favorite racing game on the Nintendo Switch with these Joy-Con-compatible steering wheels from Orzly and win the race!

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to the R270 Gaming Racing Wheel from DOYO. The large 10-inch steering wheel and the fully adjustable large non-slip pedals guarantee hours of comfortable gameplay for users big and small. Featuring a double motor with a 270-degree lock-to-lock rotation, the steering wheel provides realistic vibrations along with the ability to simulate an ultra-realistic race car driving experience. The steering wheel also contains built-in programmable buttons, as well as, seven levels of sensitivity settings so you can fine-tune accordingly to your exact liking. With universal compatibility, the R270 Gaming Racing Wheel works with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

The included pedals (for gas and brake) along with the manually-shifting gear lever will enhance the realistic driving experience while giving the user immersive gameplay; it also comes with a sturdy clamp so you can attach the racing game controller to any flat surface safely and securely — you can also position it comfortably on your knees, thanks to the controller's curved base design.

Get a racing game going with your buddies using the R270 Gaming Racing Wheel from DOYO and emerge a winner!

For a realistic car race experience, turn to the PXN V9 Game Racing Wheel, another racing game controller from PXN. Coming in a cool black and silver color scheme, the PXN V9 racing game controller hits all the checkboxes. This video game controller is compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC, and like many others on this list, the set includes a steering wheel, paddles, and pedals. It is connected by USB using the included USB cable.

The PXN V9 features dual vibration motors that give out different vibrations according to the on-screen driving scenarios, along with the six-in-one manual shifter allowing the user to change gears quickly, and a three-in-one foot pedal (for acceleration, brake, and clutch actions), offers a realistic driving simulation for the player. The steering wheel controller has an ergonomic design and a rubber grip, so you know it's comfortable (no hand-cramping here!), and has an adjustable rotation angle of 270 degrees to 900 degrees. The PXN V9 racing game controller wheel also features a two-part attachment system: With five strong suction cups and two C-shaped clamps, you can rest assured the controller is going to be securely attached and won't budge a bit, even if you are in the most action-packed games.

Well, there you have it, the best racing game controllers that your hard-earned moolah can buy. Immerse yourself in a race of a lifetime with these high-performing racing game controllers, all the while being in the comfort of your own home.

This specially curated group of controllers has the whole package: realistic simulations, precise driving functions, high-performance, and good looks among others. So next time you are thinking of getting a racing car (or any other type of vehicle) game going, think about picking up one of these best racing game controllers and beat out your opponents — bringing home that big W!

When it comes to things that make a racing video game controller the best, the first crucial factor we think of is performance — and rest assured, all these racing game controllers mentioned above perform superbly and will up your racing skills for sure. Other than performance, another crucial factor is comfort. After all, you have to be playing comfortably (even for hours) if you want to perform to your best ability. Last of all, being packed with features and having good looks won't hurt either — the more features you have at your disposal, the better. All of these elements will surely bring you to the finish line — so go, 3-2-1... race!

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