Sep 27, 2023

Forget a tricycle; this cute 3

You must have heard car experts say modern supercars have become so simple to handle that even a child can drive them. While it's just a figure of speech that is often used for highlighting the evolution of supercars, this 3-year-old has proved that it's not entirely metaphorical. Meet Zayn Sofuoğlu, a toddler from Turkey who's living the dream of every gearhead at the tender age of 3, making him the cutest and probably the youngest automotive influencer on the internet. Zayn has become an Internet sensation by pulling off stunts that seem almost impossible even for kids much older than him. They are captured on video by his parents and posted on his personal Instagram handle which has over 880,000 followers at the time of writing. For his latest stunt, the 3-year-old drove his father's Ferrari SF 90 Stradale all by himself, showing some serious driving skills.

His father is a record holding motoracer