Aug 25, 2023

Labrador's Drama Over Mom Not Taking Him for a Car Ride Is Oscar

Dogs and children are essentially the same. LOL! They want nothing but treats or sweets. They don't like to share their toys and they must get their way. Not that we needed even more proof that dogs and kids are similar, but this recent one from TikTok user @kdubya3 just further proves our point.

This Black Labrador is throwing a temper tantrum just like a kid because his mom isn't taking him for a car ride to see his best friend. The dramatic performance he puts on is truly Oscar-worthy. Check it out!

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O.M.G. It's way too early for anyone to be throwing a fit in the house, let alone the dog! We wondered has he even had breakfast and gone out to use the bathroom yet or did he just wake up still upset he wasn't allowed to have a sleepover with his best friend? LOL!

Honestly, we don't mind the sass this Labrador is giving at 7 in the morning because it's way cuter than a kid doing this. As @kimp70 wrote, "Dogs throwing tantrums is the greatest thing ever!" You can say that again. We've never seen a more adorable tantrum! And even though it's so early in the morning, he's so cute. This Labrador can have as many tantrums as he wants if he lived with us!

We also can't get enough of this video because not only is it relatable to children, but we also feel this as an adult too. "This is the exact fit I make when my boyfriend tells me no to Starbucks, Target, and B&N," said @valeriasvida. LMAO!

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