May 14, 2023

NI woman tells of heartbreak after beloved pet Bruno

On social media, Kim Reid said: "I cannot believe I am writing this, and as upsetting as it is I want to try and make sure my baby boy didn't die in vain.

"Yesterday Bruno suffered heatstroke and sadly lost his life because of it.



"He wasn't running about the garden, I didn't take him on a walk, he had plenty of water and plenty of shade, he was outside while I was working around the house and he was inside as well."

Ms Reid, 24, who is a professional dog walker lost her French Bulldog Bruno on May 30. She posted the warning on social media on May 31.

She said on the day Bruno passed "maybe he was panting a bit more than usual" adding that "It was nothing out of the ordinary for him, he loved to laze about and he would pant on the coldest day of the year".

"There is so much online about not walking your dogs in the heat, but I never knew just a bit of sun out in the garden could be fatal to dogs.



"Brachycephalic dog breeds are 146% more likely to suffer heat stroke than any other dog, it can come upon them and be fatal in as little as 15 minutes without any warning".

"I wish I had known this, this time yesterday," she added.

"Hind & Sight is a great thing but it wasn't enough to save Bruno.

"I am devastated beyond words, anyone that knew Bruno would say he was the most relaxed and well behaved dog you would ever meet, he didn't deserve what happened and I will forever feel guilty that maybe I should’ve seen something or known something was wrong.

"This has been the most upsetting & heartbreaking learning curve, but as upsetting as it is I hope Bruno's story can save some other doggies from the same fate.



"Please , Please , watch your furbaby's in this weather, 15 minutes is enough to cause irreversible damage and a lifetime of pain.

"I love you so much Bruno, sleep tight and watch over your brothers down here".

Online advice to dog owners shows that Ms Reid has done everything she could to protect her dogs.

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French Bulldog Bruno May 31