Jan 20, 2024

Paul Walker's Brother Names His Newborn Baby After Late Actor

Paul Walker's brother, Cody, is keeping his name alive within their family. Cody and his wife, Felicia, named their newborn son after Walker after welcoming him last month in Arizona. Cody confirmed to PEOPLE that the baby boy's name, Paul Barrett "Bear" Walker, pays tribute to his late brother.

The outlet reports that the couple decided on the name about 24 hours after Felicia gave birth. "This November will mark 10 years since we lost my brother, Paul, and I just felt now was the appropriate time," Cody told the outlet. The couple are also parents to a 5-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. Felicia posted a sweet Instagram photo of their son holding his newborn brother.

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Cody and Felicia giving their son the name Paul means that a fifth generation in their family will carry the Paul Walker name, Cody said. "My brother, Caleb, and I are both done having children. My brother, Paul, was Paul William Walker IV and that name goes back four generations," he said. "Within the family, he went by 'little Paul' or 'Paul 4,' even though he quickly outgrew our father in height. It was important to have that name carry on."

Walker died on Nov. 30, 2013, in a single-car crash with his friend and driver Roger Rodas in Valencia, California. He was 40 years old and was survived by his daughter, Meadow, who was 15 at the time of his death. Meadow recently paid tribute to her dad via a Fast X cameo. She said last month at the world premiere that she thinks he would have been proud.

"I've always thought about honoring my dad [in a Fast film] just because it's such a big part of his life and my life," Meadow told ET. "But I was waiting for the right moment. I wanted it to be something super small and simple that was almost like an Easter egg. Like, if you didn't know who I was, you wouldn't even notice it. I know that's what my dad would want. My dad was always humble, very simple. I left my little mark and I can always share that with him."