Nov 09, 2023

Police reports

Jun 1, 2023

Follansbee Police

Charged: Bryant A. Sullivan, 31, 1224 Curtis St., domestic battery and domestic assault, Friday.

Brooke County Sheriff

Charged: Beth Slovekosky, 50, Wheeling, domestic battery, Friday.

Charged: Kandice M. Bragg, 31, Wheeling, possession of a controlled substance, Tuesday.

Wellsburg Police

Charged: Clinton F. Bond, 36, 21 Fourth St., Beech Bottom, driving while suspended for driving under the influence, Friday.

Charged: Justin D. Parks, 37, 722 Coss Lane, failure to appear, Sunday.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Seeing is believing: An Adena woman wanted a family member removed from her basement, Saturday. She told deputies she’d allowed her cousin to stay in her basement a couple weeks ago, but he was calling her derogatory names all evening and she wanted him to leave. Deputies pointed out she had a refrigerator barricading the basement door, and she told them she put it there to keep him in the basement so he couldn't come upstairs and harm her. The officer went to the basement to investigate but no one was there, and noticed the basement exterior door was barricaded with 2-by-4s and other miscellaneous objects, "making it impossible for anyone to come into the basement or leave." The caller denied being on any type of narcotic or medication other than an over-the-counter sleeping medicine and suggested it or pregnancy hormones may be causing her paranoia.

Closed book: A woman told police she wanted her live-in girlfriend to leave her home, Saturday. She said they’d had an open relationship and her girlfriend "comes and goes when she pleases," but she's no longer happy with the arrangement and the woman wasn't happy when she asked her to leave. Deputies said the coffee table was flipped over and numerous items thrown around the room, but neither of them wanted to talk about it. The caller waited outside while her ex gathered her belongings and left.

Get moving: A Tiltonsville man claimed his son-in-law threatened him so he locked himself in his room because he feared for his life, Sunday. The man said he has health issues and lives with his daughter and her husband, but neglected to tell deputies he insulted his daughter when she asked him to wash a dirty dish he dumped in the sink. Her husband heard what he said to the woman and invited him to leave their house. The caller's daughter said her father has several health issues "but refuses to help himself by moving around," preferring to "sit in his room all day (refusing) to clean or help out even though he is completely capable of it." They’re looking for somewhere else for the man to live. Deputies suggested when things calm down, the three of them should have a discussion about chores.

Begone: A Rayland woman needed her son removed from her home, Saturday. She said he was recently kicked out of rehab and that night had begun "acting crazy by yelling nonsense" at her and her boyfriend, demanding the car keys so he could take her car. She said she and her boyfriend decided to lock themselves in the bedroom to get away from him while they called for help. Her son said he was just "dealing with heavy anxiety issues, which caused his outburst." He gathered his things and requested a courtesy ride to the hospital so he could be evaluated. They told him to stay away from his mother's home until things calmed down and told her what she’d have to do to evict him legally.

Didn't connect: A Texas woman who traveled to Bloomingdale to reconnect with her father didn't get a happy ending, Sunday. She told deputies they’d been fighting the entire two weeks she’d been there, explaining she came to Jefferson County to get to know him and his side of the family because years before her mother was awarded custody of her and her siblings and moved them away, but said they "don't see eye- to-eye and have been constantly arguing." Things never became physical, and he didn't threaten her, but she didn't want to remain there any longer and asked deputies to keep the peace while she gathered her belongings. Her father said he’d been about to call for a deputy himself for the same reason, telling the officer they "were having conflicting issues when it came to beliefs and one another's lifestyle choices, which led them to arguing a majority of their time spent together."

Dispute: A Wintersville woman said she and her boyfriend were arguing about his three children not following the rules when they have them and he punched a hole in the bathroom wall, Sunday. She said none of the children, her own included, are allowed to eat on the sofa but one of his three had spilled a bowl of cereal on it, "leaving a large mess." When she pointed it out to her boyfriend, she said he "‘shrugged it off and (said) the kids get to do whatever they want at their mother's house, so how could (she) expect them to act any different at their home." She said when she tried to talk with him about making the kids follow the house rules, he punched the wall.

Dialed it in: A Toronto woman told deputies who responded to her residence after a 9-1-1 call she accidentally called the emergency number because her phone wasn't working properly and she was upset, Friday.

Violent: Elijah Rose, 20, 14 Paul Ave., Wintersville, booked into the county jail on a domestic violence charge, Friday. Rose allegedly assaulted a woman holding a child, and when she locked herself and the child in a car threw objects, including the child's car seat, at the windows. Deputies said the woman had a bruise on her jaw from a prior incident.

Concern: A Dillonvale resident told deputies a man in a tan-colored Chevrolet sedan is following school buses in the morning and afternoons this school year, May 24. She said the man appears to be in his 40s and has been seen "sitting for hours" in a parking lot beside blue bins.

Steubenville Police

Heavy handed: Callers reported a couple fighting in the 800 block of North Sixth Street, Tuesday. A witness told police she watched the female striking the male, who was pushing a baby stroller, and when a driver pulled up and tried to intervene, she then "began yelling and assaulting the man in the vehicle." Police spoke with the woman involved in the altercation who told them she was arguing with her boyfriend "when a black vehicle pulled up and a male began threatening her," and claimed he said something about "going to get a gun and coming back." Her boyfriend said she’d hit him, but he's not interested in pursuing charges, telling police she was "highly intoxicated."

Bloody mess: A caller reported a man covered in blood in downtown Steubenville, Tuesday. Police said Steubenville firefighters/EMS was already treating the man, who had blood flowing from his nose and all over his face. He said he’d been struck several times in his head and nose, but "did not want to identify who struck him and refused medical attention."

Booted: A man who’d been living with his girlfriend in her sister's basement was upset that while they were with friends, they got a text from the woman with a photo of their possessions dumped on the sidewalk, Monday. He said when they got back to her Woodlawn Avenue residence, she wouldn't let them back in the house and he claimed his possessions were damaged and a bag containing $2,000 was missing. His girlfriend's sister told police she moved all their stuff out after finding the basement flooded and when she went to talk to them, spotted "a white powdery substance on a paper plate." She said she poured the substance down the sink so her younger child would not come in contact with it. Police told her most of the couples’ possessions had been damaged, and she said she didn't care "and would be fine with replacing them but she doesn't want (either of them) in her house." She also said there was no bag of money in their pile. The man said he had a friend who would help him move his things.

Tracked down: A Steubenville man taken into custody for violating a protection order allegedly ignored a police hold and fled Trinity Medical Center West in a hospital gown with an IV in his arm, Monday. Police said they located Scott Gilmore, 51, 731 Broadway Blvd., soon after "walking swiftly" through the YMCA parking lot, though he was no longer wearing his hospital gown. He told police he’d been discharged and thought he could leave, but police said he was "sweating profusely and his right arm was bleeding … consistent with (him) improperly removing an IV." Gilmore had originally been found in front of an Oxford Boulevard residence where he is no longer permitted to be, but as they were preparing to take him to jail complained of a medical condition that needed immediate attention. Officers said they signed a hold for him and warned him if he tried to leave, he’d also be charged with felony escape. He was booked into the Jefferson County jail on both charges.

Lost way: Police responded to state Route 7 at University Boulevard after callers reported a vehicle traveling north in the southbound lane, Sunday. Police couldn't locate the vehicle, which by then they were told had crashed near John Scott Highway.

Mistaken identity: A Wintersville man said a vehicle full of "younger subjects" threw a firecracker at his car on Main Street in Wintersville, then followed him to the mall, Monday. He said they drove past him and called him names. The other driver told police they thought the man was a friend, admitting he followed him to the store before he realized it was not, so he parked away from the other car but the driver "came over to him and confronted him." After words were exchanged, they drove away, he said.

Last call: A disturbance in the 3200 block of Sunset Boulevard turned out to be two people who started arguing on the way home from a trip to Hocking Hills, Sunday. The male said he called police to mediate so it wouldn't escalate, telling police at one point he had to restrain his girlfriend to keep her from hitting him. He’d lived there for several months so she couldn't kick him out without the court's permission, so they agreed to stay away from each other until a friend could pick take him back to Youngstown. His girlfriend wanted him to return a phone she’d bought him, but officers told her she’d have to go to court for that, too.

All for nothing: Dispatchers got a text from an individual at a property in the 100 block of Shirley Drive reporting a theft, Sunday. Police located a woman outside the residence who told them she used to date a man who lived there, and she wanted to get her things, but they spoke with the homeowner who said she didn't know who texted 9-1-1 and her son wasn't there.

Stolen: A Water Street resident reported the theft of her child's mini-bike, Sunday.

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