Oct 04, 2023

RPM Raceway Unveils New Multi

By Jennifer AmatoPublished: January 17, 2023

If your kids love to get their hearts racing and adrenaline pumping, they will want to suit up and hop in an electric go-kart, which will now travel along the longest MEGA-TRACK indoor electric kart track in the world.

RPM Raceway in Jersey City will unveil redesigned tracks lined with LED racing halos on Jan. 24. The all-electric indoor go-kart center will now have three levels of vertical elevation, lightning-fast straightaways, 90-degree hairpin turns and spiraling ramps for the craziest (off road) drivers in your bunch.

As for height, a racer must be at least 4-foot tall (and 6 years old) to race in a junior kart and at least 4’ 10" to race in an adult kart. There is no set weight requirement; however, a driver over 250 pounds may not be comfortable.

The two new tracks can accommodate up to 16 adult racers and 12 juniors. Combined, the two individual tracks create the RPM MEGA-TRACK, which is 2,200 feet in length with a 72-second lap time. In Jersey City, Track 1 lets junior karts race 10 laps. Track 2 is long enough for 15 laps for adult karts and eight laps for junior karts. Track 3 is long enough for nine laps by adults.

The lap time format is the most popular, where juniors and adults can compete against up to 10 racers on a European-style track, speeding to get the fastest lap time. Put your pedal to the metal and let the racing begin!

The Jersey City location will offer go-kart racing leagues throughout the year. Leagues race one night per week for four weeks. Scoring is based on qualifying and main event results. The grand prize is awarded to the driver with the best combined score. Leagues are open to adults over 4’10″ tall with a valid driver's license. Your teen may be on his way to the pros!

And speaking of pros, most professional drivers’ careers start on the go-kart track. If your child driver wants to learn about handling speed, braking into corners and exiting them quickly, sign them up for a racing lesson or the Formula E Karting Academy.

RPM Raceway also holds summer racing camps every year, which are open to kids ages 8-12 (Juniors) and 13-17 (Youth) taller than 48″, led by an RPM Raceway instructor. The camps are designed to help develop their racing skills and include safe driving techniques, track awareness, brake and throttle points, acceleration, passing and more.

When you take your foot off the gas, you can also play esports, virtual reality and arcade games. A new trackside Bar & Grill, which will have awesome 360-degree views of the racetrack, should open later this year.

RPM Raceway is located at 99 Caven Point Rd., Jersey City. Normal operating hours are 12 – 10 pm Monday – Thursday, 12 – 11 pm Friday, 10 am – 11 pm Saturday and 10 am – 10 pm Sunday. Memberships are available and include two free races the day you purchase, a free race on your second visit, an RPM Raceway T-shirt, and year-long discounted racing for $75. Ride discounts apply for students, teachers and members of the military. To celebrate the opening of the RPM MEGA-TRACK, RPM Raceway is offering racers 50 percent off all entertainment and food from 12 pm – 10 pm Jan. 24 – 26.

Looking for more fun things to do? Check out Supercharged Entertainment in Edison!

Looking for more fun things to do? Check out Supercharged Entertainment in Edison!