Nov 21, 2023

Sister Wives star Christine Brown's daughter Mykelti ripped for 'dangerous' treatment of baby son, 4 months, in video

CHRISTINE Brown's daughter, Mykelti, has been slammed by fans for putting her young baby son in what they feel is a dangerous predicament.

The Sister Wives' daughter gave birth to twins late last year.

On Monday, Mykelti, 26, shared a video to her Instagram showing one half of the twins being pushed in a stroller by big sister Avalon.

Only, the one-year-old wasn't pushing her brother in a regular stroller, but rather in a small toy stroller designed for a baby doll, not a real child.

As Avalon dragged the shocked boy across her living room floor, she suddenly sped herself up, pushing the stroller carelessly faster.

Mom Mykelti could be heard yelling "oh no!" and pleading for the girl to "go slow!"

At one point, she even lost sight of the pair, desperately crying out: "Where's Avalon?"

Mykelti acknowledged the danger in the caption of the post, writing: "She's already trying to babysit. She never will, they’re too close in age. But it's pretty adorable."

In the comments section, fans cried out with their concern.

"Please realize how easily she could flip that or bump into things," one person said. "I get not making a big deal over some things, but common sense really must apply ..her fun isn't worth an injury to an infant."

Another added: "I don't agree with this. She is too young to be doing this. She may think it's ok and pick the baby up when you're not looking to put him in the stroller. Not safe."

While a third echoed: "Not safe at all...look how far the baby's body is jerked by her."

Mykelti was previously criticized for her messy home.

Earlier this month, Christine took to Instagram and posted some photos of her youngest child Truely playing with her granddaughter Avalon in Mykelti's home.

In the sweet snaps, 12-year-old Truely is wearing black leggings with a matching T-shirt and a shawl that was adorned with a moon print.

The tween wore a bright green beanie hat as she played with her niece, who will turn three in April.

Little Avalon appeared to be having a great time as she danced around the living room with Truely.

The youngster had clearly been playing that day as the floor was covered in toys and other items such as blankets and headbands.

In the fourth and final image, Christine was seen relaxing on the sofa as she cuddled Mykelti's twin boys.

The reality TV star looked happy and content as she spent some quality time with her new grandsons.

Christine captioned the post: "Truely and I are the luckiest tonight! Getting to babysit these three!"

Mykelti and her husband Tony welcomed their twin boys Archer and Ace back in November.