Sep 10, 2023

Suburban Boomers Are Boosting the E

Baby Boomers are a key target for the growing electric trike market.

Photo courtesy SixThreeZero Bikes

Battery-boosted three-wheelers are increasingly popular with older riders. But safety fears and the lack of bike-friendly infrastructure could hold them back.

John Surico

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When the Electrify Expo came to Seattle's Husky Stadium last summer, Jim Cochrane, 76, and his son went to check it out. The event is like an auto show but for the electric vehicle crowd.

Cochrane, who lives close by, tried out an electric microcar — a now-trending product for EV enthusiasts. But when he took the tiny machine out for a test spin, he felt unsafe driving next to not-so-miniature cars. "Some guy plows into me and life is over, you know?" he told me.