May 30, 2023

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska slammed for 'irresponsible' parenting decision in new vacation photos of her daughter Walker, 2

TEEN Mom star Chelsea Houska has been slammed by fans online after her recent parenting decision.

This week, Chelsea, 31, spent time at the beach with her children and husband, Cole DeBoer, 35.

The Teen Mom star showed a variety of pictures of the family's first day on vacation including her children: Aubree, 13, Watson, five, Layne, four, and Walker, two, playing in the sand and enjoying the water.

However, many fans questioned Chelsea's parenting decision when it came to their youngest, Walker.

"Please put sunscreen on your kids," one fan commented.

"Baby needs sun hat," said another.

"Whys the baby so sun burned?" a third agreed.

A fourth wrote: "I hope the kid under the blanket is in shade. Way over heated!"

"That baby girl is so sunburned," stated a fifth.

Chelsea has shared many photos from her family getaway — including showing off her NSFW tattoo.

In the photo, Chelsea and Cole embraced as they stood on the sandy beach.

MTV alum Chelsea wore a tiny bikini and gazed into Cole's eyes as she wrapped her arms around him, with Cole captioning the shot: "My World!"

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed a tattoo on Chelsea's butt, which simply read Cole in swirling black ink.

"It's the Cole branding for me," joked one of his social media followers.

Another laughed: "Peep the Cole ass tat! Haha."

A third person shared: "I hope Cole has Chelsea tattooed on his."

"I didn't know about the tattoo. I love it," added another fan along with a laughing emoji.

A final commenter earnestly wrote: "Um the butt tattoo is freaking AWESOME! I hope I find a love like that some day."

Chelsea flaunted her slimmed-down figure in the family's vacation shots after her recent weight loss was commented on by her followers.

Earlier this year, the TV personality posted a photo of herself wearing baggy camouflage cargo pants and an oversized sweatshirt, with a Louis Vuitton fanny pack slung over her shoulder.

A fan reposted the image on Reddit, where one person stated: "This is one of those 'is it a fit or are you just skinny' outfits."

Another wrote: "I think it looks casual comfy and she lost a lot of weight. It gives me motivation to drop my extra weight."

A third person scathed in response: "That is not a healthy weight. Take care of yourself and be you, not a malnourished faux celebrity."