Aug 01, 2023

The 10 best high chairs for babies and toddlers

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Make meal times a stress-free family affair with the perfect high chair for your little one.

The arrival of a new baby inevitably results in a long list of things to buy. From cots and car seats, to bottles and blankets, the list goes on and on. However, a crucial item to consider early on is a top-quality high chair.

Able to be used from as little as a few months old, high chairs not only making feeding easier due to the inclusion of features such as harnesses and tray tables, they also help to encourage communication skills as children interact with you at eye level. What's more, high chairs also allow your little one to be included during family meal times, which can help strengthen familial bonds.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional chair or something compact for travel, check out our 10 favourite high chair picks here and get ready to delight in meal times together.

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Age: Six months to 12 years (up to 15kg)

Dimensions: H98 x W48 x D69cm

Weight: 12.3kg

With seven different modes that allow you to adjust the seat to your child as they grow — from a low rocking chair for babies, to a high feeding table for toddlers and a padded chair with a footrest for older children, the Nova high chair really does it all.

Featuring sturdy oak legs, a detachable tray and cup holder that can alternate between three positions for fuss-free meal times and the ability to be packed down into a convenient travel bag – this chair will become a firm fixture of any family in no time.

What's more, there's no need to worry about mess and sticky food scraps getting stuck either, as the removable seat cover is fully machine washable.

Age: Up to three years (15kg)

Dimensions: H90 x W56 x D62cm

Weight: 3kg

Practical and affordable, the Antilop is a fantastic traditional-style high chair for those on a budget. It's made from smooth plastic that is easy to clean and rigorously tested to ensure it's safe for kids and their extra sensitive skin.

With a detachable tray and legs, this high chair is easy to assemble and take apart – and is perfect for smaller spaces, as it can be packed away and stored within moments.The raised sides of the tray also help prevent spills, making it perfect for even the messiest of little ones.

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Age: All ages

Dimensions: H78 x W49 x D46cm

Weight: 6.5kg

Don't let its simple appearance fool you — Stokke's wooden high chair is packed with features. It's super adjustable and with the right accessories, such as this newborn set or this lap tray, can continue to be used as your child grows. It can even be used as a chair for adults, making it the most versatile chair we’ve encountered, and well worth the higher price point.

It's also made from high-quality beech wood, which has the benefit of being long-lasting whilst remaining chic and timeless.

Age: Birth to 15kg

Dimensions: H90 x W57 x D27cm

Weight: 12kg

Make dinner time fun with this cute high chair from Chicco. Complete with detachable sensory toys to keep kids soothed and entertained, it also features four wheels that make it super handy for moving around, as well as snuggly and soft seat padding that is fully machine washable.

Another unique feature of the Chicco chair is the three different seat positions, including a lie-flat and semi-recline option. Simply remove the tray table and this high chair doubles as a perfect place for your baby to sleep or relax.

Age: Six months to 15kg

Dimensions: H102.5 x W59.5 x L90.2cm

Weight: 6.25kg

Streamlined and foldable, this Joie high chair is ideal for those without a lot of space to work with. Designed for parents with perpetually full hands, a quick tug on the strap and this nifty chair seamlessly folds down, ready to be slid away and stored.

Despite its compact size, this high chair has a ton of features. The removable tray can be adjusted between three depth positions to fit any child, and the three recline settings will keep your little one comfortable.

Age: Six months to 15kg

Dimensions: H82.5 x W56 x L69cm

Weight: 4.6kg

The Clikk has been designed specifically to keep small bodies comfortable and secure, so you can rest assured that your child is safe in this high chair. It has a five point harness that will keep wrigglers firmly in place, but can also be removed easily for cleaning.

You won't have to worry about a complicated assembly, either. The Clikk is easy to put together without confusing instructions or having to juggle tools. We love that it comes in seven cool colours that will suit any style.

Age: Six months to three years (15kg)

Dimensions: H35.5-49 x W32 x D36cm

Weight: 2kg

Ever struggled to get your little one fed on the go? The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat makes meal times away from home a breeze. Not only does it secure easily to any chair, it folds down neatly into a compact size that can be carried around stress-free using the detachable shoulder strap.

The three height positions mean this booster can be used comfortably as your child grows, eliminating the need to constantly repurchase as they get bigger. It also has a removable feeding tray for versatility.

Age: Six months to five years


H89 x W71 x D61cm (high chair mode)

H61 x W38 x D61cm (low chair mode)

This high chair and cutlery set from Mamas and Papas make a practical and stylish purchase. The chair is comfy for kids thanks to the optional foot-rest, and has both a ‘high’ and ‘low’ mode allowing it to be used with a variety of different table heights.

It comes with a plate, bowl, spoon and cup that are designed to help the weaning process go as smoothly as possible. We love that the Mamas and Papas bowl and plate both also have suction cups that help keep them in place, no matter how determined your little one is to knock them off. We love seeing small but significant touches like this, as they can make a big difference to the lives of busy parents!

Age: Birth to six years

Dimensions: H106 x W57 x L86cm

Weight: 10.1kg

If you’re looking for a high chair that delivers on the comfort factor, look no further than the Maxi-Cosi Minla, winner of the Mother and Baby 2021 High Chair Award. The luxuriously padded seat will keep your child cosy and comfy, helping to make meal times enjoyable for everyone. Better yet, the covers are removable and machine washable so they can stay fresh and clean.

While many high chairs offer a variety of positions, we can't get over just how adjustable the Minla is. It offers nine different heights and five recline positions, so no matter your child's preferences you’ll always find the most comfortable position for them, even as they grow.

Age: Six months to 15kg

Dimensions: H96 x W57 x D57cm

Weight: 14.8kg

Giving us major retro vibes both in shape and the PVC orange-print, the Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair gets top points for it's funky style and practical swivel features. With six different swivel positions and a pedal lift to adjust the height, this is a great seat for anyone with lower back strain – as it lifts and lowers your child for easy in-and-out access.

The practical PVC lining is designed to wipe-clean, so any inevitable spills can be dealt with as they come. Finally, the super safe five-point harness is sure to keep little ones secure at all times.

If you’re looking for a chair that's as bold as it is brilliant – this is the one for you.

There's no such thing as ‘one perfect high chair’. Depending on both you and your child's specific needs and the setup of your home, differences in style, materials and size are required. That said, we hope the variety of chairs outlined within this article helps steer you in the right direction – and makes the thought of a family sit down dinner less chaotic.

We’re particularly impressed by the Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Highchair due to its range of handy features and ultra-adjustable frame, whilst the Joie Mimzy™ Snacker Highchair and Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat are both fantastic, functional and affordable options that are perfect for even the smallest of spaces.

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