Aug 30, 2023

Triumph Try

The Eyot Centre was the host venue for the first Jorvik Try-cycle event last weekend when over 100 people came to try out their range of e-tricycles.

Jorvik Tricycles from York named after the Viking name for York was started by James Walker in 2014 after he struggled to find a solution to aid his father's love of cycling whilst living with Parkinson's disease. James said, "I couldn't find anything in stock to look at first-hand and the options weren't great so I went online and found they were very expensive. I then found a second-hand one which got stolen within a few days. I’d never built anything before and decided to build it inside my house and luckily when I finished it, it just squeezed out of the window! My Dad enjoyed cycling before he got Parkinson's so the tricycle still gave him the freedom to ride. I realised then that there was a real gap in the market."

James looked at a number of venues in the south to host an event and fell in love with the Eyot Centre and Henley when he came to visit. James said, "We were blown away by the venue and Henley. I’ve never been here before. It's just stunning here in the sunshine by the river and Sue the Manager has been really helpful so we’ll definitely come back."

We tested out two of the range of tricycles on Friday; the first a road one and the second an off/road mountain one. Both were easy and great to ride with a range of electric power for those Henley hills! All the range come with a tray or basket on the back and they offer a custom made bed cushion for your dog to enjoy the ride too. The bikes take 6 hours to charge from empty and you can cycle up to 35 miles on a fully powered charge.

James added, "We now make 3500 tricycles a year in York and we love to hear the stories of how they have made differences to so many people's lives. They are really great for people who enjoy the out of doors and don't want to take that step of getting a mobility scooter. They are great for keeping up exercise and a perfect bridge for bridging that gap."