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'World's largest' go

Posted on January 3, 2023 by Hunter Hulbert - Just In Jersey

Most of us have taken to the track for a classic go-karting thrill at least once in our lives, but riding a "roller coaster you can control"? That's some vroom vroom action contained to video games like "Mario Kart" — until now. Drop those controllers and dart out the door because a real-life Special Cup awaits, and it's so supersized even Mario would be jealous.

Supercharged Entertainment has brought an electric go-kart experience to the Garden State. Photo courtesy of Supercharged Entertainment

Perhaps it's only fitting that New Jersey's newest and most noteworthy adventure venue — dubbed the "world's largest indoor, multilevel go-kart track" — comes from Supercharged Entertainment. The company, which is known for its high-octane go-kart facility in Wrentham, Mass., aims to deliver an unparalleled experience at its newest location in Edison.

"We have two massive multilevel tracks with 10 elevation changes, all within 80,000 square feet," said Michael Dawson, director of operations for the Edison site. "We have 90 go-karts as well as other activities, like 19 lanes of axe throwing, a 40-foot drop tower ride and over 140 arcade games, two full bars and a massive restaurant."

Racers can pick their favorite of the two sleekly designed, quarter-mile courses, each with its own sharp twists, turns, dips and peaks up to 35 feet high. If you’re feeling the need for speed, put the pedal to the metal and press the "boost" button to reach an impressive 45 mph along with plenty of drift: The perfect equation for New Jerseyans everywhere to unleash their Formula 1 fantasies.

Racers can pick their favorite of the two sleekly designed, quarter-mile courses, each with its own sharp twists, turns, dips and peaks up to 35 feet high. Photo courtesy of Supercharged Entertainment

While an indoor go-karting experience of this caliber may seem a bit intimidating for some, Dawson emphasized that there are two speed options depending on your age and comfort level: Pro Speed (designed for ages 15 and older) and Semi-Pro Speed. Supercharged Entertainment also employed a 21st century twist to ensure a family-friendly environment for all.

"We want everyone to be able to view the racing but not have to deal with fumes or gas," he explained. "Since the go-karts are electric, we can have patrons watching while their families are racing, and there's also the instant power with electric whereas with gas you have to build up that energy."

I can say from firsthand experience the propulsion factor was impressive throughout the seven-minute race, and at one point, I forgot I was driving an electric go-kart because of the artificial noises that revved with each press of the accelerator. By the time the race concluded, I was ready for some Bionic Bumper Cars. You didn't forget about those other activities, did you?

Bionic Bumper Cars offer some eye-catching entertainment outside of the go-karts. Photo courtesy of Supercharged Entertainment

The bumper cars are especially fun because each collision causes the "opponent" to spin out of control for a couple seconds. It's a great warmup for the Drop and Twist Tower, which will test your stomach while giving you a great view of the two-story arcade. Many of the familiar finds extend to both floors of the arcade section, from Skee-Ball to virtual racing to "Hungry Hungry Hippos." For those 10 years of age and older, add some axe throwing into the mix if you want to extend your stay.

As Dawson said, "We have something for the whole family. We want people to come here and be able to experience a whole day of fun."

The cost for a single race is $29 per person, and only single go-karts are available. There is a height requirement of at least 4 feet 10 inches tall, and all participants are given a safety tutorial ahead of time. Walk-ins are allowed, but if you’d like to book in advance, you can do so starting in 2023. (The booking platform is unavailable at this time.)

The venue does allow private parties, corporate events and things of that nature. For the complete breakdown of costs, hours of operation and more, click here.

When you experience this next-level race to the finish line, don't forget you can only find it … Just in Jersey.

Address: 987 U.S. Route 1, Edison, N.J. 08817

Hunter Hulbert is the Just in Jersey features writer for Jersey's Best magazine. Have a suggestion for a story? Contact him at To read more stories like this, click here.

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Would like know more about track can you email me thanks so much hope to see soon

Please send me info on the track. Grandson graduates college in April and this would make the perfect gift for him and the family!!

This fad will be history within 36 months. The Uber high rent will ultimately force this thing to close down. Sorry children. 😢

I agree although when the newness wears off in about 18 – 24 months, that slowdown coupled with the high rent will bring down the house.

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