Jul 22, 2023

Infants Checklist Items That Are A Must Have

Buying infant essentials is never an easy task and we often tend to miss some of the important items. Between setting up the nursery and making sure you have everything you'll need for feeding, sleeping, and changing diapers keeping a checklist of all infant essentials will help in avoiding the last-minute rush. Baby walkers, potty seats, bathers, swing rockers and there are many other infant items that should not be missed.

Being a modern-day mom you should be well versed with all the infant care items so that you do not miss out on any safety products for your infant. Find out what you'll need for your little one with the help of this infant checklist. If you are confused and still can't figure out what babycare items should you get then don't worry as we are here to help you out. Our list contains most of the necessities like a walker, bather, potty seat, etc.

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Becoming a new parent is the best feeling. It also brings a lot of responsibilities. To help you out we have prepared a checklist of infant items. Have a look!

Once your infant starts crawling and standing out the most important infant item is a walker. The best way to make them practice walking is with the help of a walker. This StartAndDaisy baby walker

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comes with 7 adjustable heights. To keep your infant entertained this walker has a recreational musical toy bar. This walker is suitable for 16 to 18 months infants. StarAndDaisy Walker Price: Rs 2,749.

Another infant checklist item is bather. As babies can't sit down and make them a bath can be a risky thing. To avoid any mishappening the safest way is to make their bath with the help of a

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bather. This MeeMee infant bather is easily foldable and has a washable soft mesh seat. The frame is made of sturdy and durable metal for strong support and a seat base. Mee Mee Bather Price: Rs 1,123.

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Potty training should start once your infant turns one. Available in three colors this potty seat comes in an oval shape. These cushioned potty seat also has two side handles to keep your infant safe and

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comfortable. This comes in a portable size that can easily fit in any bathroom size. BabyGo Potty Seat Price: Rs 314.

Mom wants to enjoy and roam freely while going outside or on any parries. Carrying your infant in your arms wherever you go can be tiring and also your infant wont be comfortable. The best way is to place them in a stroller. This Luv Lap Stroller has an adjustable backrest so that your infant can

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sit, sleep or relax without any discomfort. The 360° swivel wheel and 5-point safety harness make this the best infant stroller. Luv Lap Stroller Price: Rs 4,37 9.

An infant checklist is incomplete without a sipper. Feeding your baby with milk and water these sippers are required. This Philps Sipper comes with high-grade silicon rubber. In order to prevent

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any leakage this sipper is designed with a leak-proof design. The capacity of this infant sipper is 200 Milliliters. Philips Avent Sipper Price: Rs 343

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