Jun 05, 2023

The 9 Best Stroller Toys

Stroller toys for the win.

When you’re on a walk with your baby, a stroller toy can save you from constantly having to bend down to provide the magical mama entertainment. Even though your baby is the cutest thing ever to exist and there's nothing sweeter than playing with them, sometimes you just need to run an errand, get somewhere, or do another loop around the park with that coffee in your stroller organizer. The best stroller toys keep baby busy so you can keep that stroller moving, and — this is key — they can attach to the stroller so you don't need to stop and pick up the toy every few steps. Yeah, been there.

Stroller toys generally consist of baby- or toddler-friendly toys that can be attached to a stroller within reach of a kiddo so they can play and entertain themselves. Most stroller toys also can attach to car seats, activity centers, or the headrest behind or in front of a car seat, depending on which way your little one is facing. You’ll be grateful to have one — or a few — in rotation to calm your fussy babe just when you need it.

These toys are designed to entertain, but they often feature high-contrast patterns, bright colors, or interesting textures that really engage babies and encourage their development.

Stroller toys usually come with a mix of materials and textures, which can include mini mirrors, teething rings, embedded jingle bells, or crinkly paper. Most stroller toys aren't machine-washable; instead, you can spot clean them.

Keep reading for the best baby stroller toys and some of the best car seat toys, too, because a happy, entertained baby on either set of wheels is #goals.

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best stroller toys:

1. The Cult-Fave Stroller Toy: Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Stroller Toy

2. This Spiral Toy With Rave Reviews: Bigib BeeSpring Stroller Toy

3. This Adorable Stroller Arch With Universal Hooks: Taf Toys Koala Daydream Stroller Arch

With a seriously impressive 4.8-star Amazon rating after more than 20,000 reviews, this stroller toy is a sure thing when you’re on the go with baby. Hook this cute, colorful toy onto your stroller and they’ll enjoy batting at it to hear the chime or gnawing on the teething toy at bottom. Made of polyester and plastic, it's a durable toy for on the go. Choose the friendly fox face (featured) or from five other sweet animal options, including an elephant and a giraffe.

Helpful review: "This is by far one of the best toys for your child! It hangs from a car seat or stroller, which is great because your little one can entertain himself/herself! It has a squeaky on one ear, a mirror on the other, taggies, a rattle inside, two teethers, and wrinkled feet. Our baby loves it! I love that these come in several different animals too."

Recommended Age: 0 months old & up | Options: 6

The spiral shape of this stroller toy makes it super easy to wrap around a stroller bar and remove when you want to place it somewhere else. It's made of soft cloth with a plush feel and has attached silicone teethers and toys your baby can tug and pull. The high-contrast patterns and bright colors will catch your baby's eye, too.

Helpful Review: "Very attractive baby item is fascinating for little ones! There is a lot of contrast that keeps them looking for a long time; the twisting design lets you mount this toy in multiple places so it's great for car seat, stroller or bouncy chair."

Recommended Age: Unavailable | Options: 1

This plastic sensory stroller toy has a lot going on to entertain toddlers on the go. The octopus-like design has colorful pull toys; textured strings with various vibrations, sounds, and tensions; shapes for grasping; and pop buttons. It's great for hanging on a stroller or car seat with the ring at the top and can be carried around once your child is on the move.

Helpful Review: "Colorful toy that keep the attention of my little one. My little one also loves chewing on this toy, as she is currently teething! This is a great for more than one use! Highly recommend!"

Recommended Age: 6 to 18 months+ | Options: 2

Wrap this spiral stroller toy around a stroller, car seat, crib, activity center, or anything that's close to your little one so they can fidget with all the soft toys and teethers. It has 10 different types of durable fabrics, which makes it pretty indestructible — at least by a baby — and your little one will love exploring the different textures. It's equipped with several sensory items, including a music box, crinkle paper, bell, rattles, rotating ball with beads, mirror, and more. Choose from a dozen adorable animal design options.

Writer Praise: "This stroller toy was a hand-me-down that I now buy as a gift for every baby shower. I love it because it's so versatile in where it can be hung or even just held onto and cuddled with. It kept both of my kids entertained while I was busy doing other things. If you could use a little bit of time to yourself while your kiddo is safe inside their stroller or car seat, this spiral toy is a must-have. Do it! Buy the thing." — Jill Layton, Scary Mommy writer

Recommended Age: 0 months old & up | Options: 12

Softness and variety are two important factors when it comes to hanging stroller toys, and that's exactly what you get with this stroller arch. Three hanging soft fabric toys make jingle and rattle sounds, providing lots of fun for the baby while aiding in the development of fine motor skills and senses. It comes in a koala, mini moon, musical, or tropical orchestra design. The stroller clips are designed with a universal fit for your stroller, car seat, bouncer, or even bassinet.

Helpful Review: "My daughter loved this arch and it was great for attaching to her car seat, her stroller, and her dockatot (we just squeezed the edges a little bit to clip it on) ! I highly recommend this cute portable arch!"

Recommended Age: 0 months old & up | Options: 4

Not all baby toys have to be made with bright primary colors, take this sweet cloud and star-shaped hanging travel toy for example. Baby will love reaching for the crinkle cloud, colorful ribbons to hear the toy jingle, and the stars for grasping or teething. A hook-and-loop closure strap keeps the cotton toy in place so you don't have to worry about it falling down the handle. This pick maintains an impressive 4.9-star overall rating, and it can attach to a stroller, car seat, or activity gym to keep your baby busy while you cook dinner, or do something other than play peek-a-boo for the millionth time. (Not that there's anything wrong with peek-a-boo, but showers are nice, too.)

Helpful Review: "I never leave reviews, but this is adorable! I wanted a toy for my son's car seat but didn't want anything large or obnoxious, just something simple and cute. This definitely fits the bill!"

Recommended Age: 0 months old & up | Options: 5

While it's not a classic stroller toy that attaches to a bar or handle, this teething toy is unique in that it attaches to your baby's wrists so they can chew on it without it falling off, making it ideal for a stroller or car seat. Made from silicone, the teether is soft and perfect for babies — just check out the 3,000 perfect five-star ratings from happy parents and caregivers. It comes in colorful lion or hippo versions and in several different shades.

Helpful Review: "Our baby loves this! We got so many different teethers for our baby shower and he doesn't use any of them, so I bought him this and he's been going to town on it. He can hold onto it great [...] Highly recommend, especially if your baby doesn't like using teethers."

Recommended Age: 0 months old & up | Options: 5

Babies love copying their parents, and now your little one can drive right along with you. This plastic car seat toy has a rotatable steering wheel and car gear that helps babies feel like they’re driving. Hanging rings and an adjustable clasp make it easy to loop over a headrest in the car or on the handle of a stroller. Plus, it has sounds, lights, and a baby-safe mirror, which are always fun for babies. Note that this one requires three AAA batteries (not included) to play music and light up.

Helpful Review: "Of course I found this on our third and last kiddo. It has been an absolute gem to have in the car. The noises aren't annoying at all. It keeps our 1-year-old entertained. We took a three day drive over nine states and this absolutely saved our (and his) sanity."

Recommended Age: 6 months old & up | Options: 1

This cute interactive mirror gives you a wide-angle view of your baby strapped into a rear-facing car seat. It allows you to see each other while the sweet face on the mirror offers a friendly smile, wobbly ears, and fun sensory surprises, including four songs. A motion sensor turns the device off when baby is asleep or out of the car, saving the battery life. Obviously the mirror isn't reachable while you’re driving, which is why it comes with a handy remote control so you can turn it off and on and control the volume without pulling your shoulder out of its socket. The car mirror comes in blue, pink, beige, and gray.

Helpful Review: "Our son absolutely loves this mirror! He smiles and stares at it. I love that I can turn it on from the front seats with the remote control. It was very easy to install and has a clear view of the baby. Best money spent on a mirror!"

Recommended Age: 0 months old & up | Options: 4

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