Jan 30, 2024

BBC Breakfast star Nina Warhurst says she has 'worked herself into a fury' as fans rush to support her

Nina had a lot to get off her chest in the Instagram video to fans.

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BBC Breakfast star Nina Warhurst has admitted she has "worked herself into a fury" as the pregnant star vented to fans. BBC star Nina had a lot to get off her chest in the Instagram video to fans.

Nina captioned the clip: "Regularly working myself in to a fury about an outcome I could have affected, but did nothing about." She added: "So I know I made absolutely no effort whatsoever to get tickets for Beyoncé or Elton.

"But I still think it was really out of order that you all still went anyway and had a great time." She signed off by saying: "Thanks a lot," with an audible gasp.

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A fan replied: "Your welcome. Elton rocked . You missed a great night." (sic) A second typed: "I’m feeling exactly the same - booked absolutely nothing up - but really dislike anyone I know that has." Another typed: "How dare they!!?? Outrageous."

"You really have to laugh at the sad people who take it personally or believe it …. Yeah gods what a nation we have become," said another. A fellow fan wrote: "Love it haha, you tell em."

And another commented saying: "Selfish b******." And another wrote: "Loving everything you're doing, always bring a smile with your A game." Michelle said: "Love this." James said: "Thinking only of themselves, @ninawarhurst_ I feel for you."

"Dear lord what a sad little life Jane. I hope the gig made you very happy," said another. A fellow Instagram user wrote: "Nice to see you this morning." Lynna said: "Elton last night was amazzzzzing..try and find tickets for Fri or Sat ..MEN was rocking last night."

"'I am talking about you Emilia Clarke and you Kirstie Allsop'," said another. "Oh Nina pregnancy can do this play with ya emotions big love Dave x," another commented.

" love your sense of humor!" said another. Instagram user K wrote: "Love you so much! Please don't go on maternity leave... the new baby can cope without you - the nation cannot! #LoveNina."

" Looking as great as always x," said another.