Nov 11, 2023

Best Strollers In 2023: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts, Parents

Gone are the days of heavy prams with oversized wheels and little to no safety or convenience. Today, you can bling out baby's ride with a cupholder, snack tray, mosquito netting or even a foot muff. With a travel system, easily transfer your little ones from car to stroller without ever taking them out of the car seat or interrupting that all-important nap! And perhaps best of all, today's strollers fold up flat for easy carrying and storage. Some can even be folded using just one hand and will stand upright while folded! Props to the genius who came up with that idea! With all of that said, we know having a baby comes with many uncertainties, and choosing a stroller from hundreds of options can feel overwhelming. So, to help narrow down your search, we’ve compiled 14 experts’ consensus top picks of the five best strollers on the market. Read on for our finds!

As a new parent, finding the right products for your baby can be daunting. You may find yourself searching online for the simplest of questions "just to be sure." In fact, a new study reveals that new parents carry out over 2,000 Google searches a year with baby questions – that's an average of six searches a day. To ease your worries, this list has made it easier for you to at least relax on making the right choice for a stroller.

Taking your child on a stroll through the neighborhood might be a miracle worker. A five-minute walk, followed by cuddling in a chair is the key to getting a crying baby back to sleep, according to new research. To get baby to sleep, you’ll need a comfortable and hassle-free stroller to ensure they drift off into dreamland.

To get a good long-term option, think about where you’ll use your stroller most, and for how long. Some strollers are made for sidewalks and smooth surfaces, while others (known as jogging strollers) specialize in off-road terrain. If you’re hoping to economize, look for something versatile and high-quality for all-around performance. If you’re planning to have more kids, consider a stroller that will grow with your family and can hold two or three children at once. If your goal is convenience and ease of use above all (and we’re all for making life easier for exhausted parents!), a travel system might be the way to go.

Before you know it, your child will be out of that stroller and walking on their own. Until then, we’ll help you find the right ride for you. StudyFinds compiled a list of the top five best strollers recommended by both experts and parents. Let us know in the comments which of these is your favorite, or if you have another top-notch stroller to add to the list!

This is one stroller that won't weigh — or slow —you down. "The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is one of the lightest full-size strollers we looked at and has the quickest and easiest fold of any model we tested, making it especially convenient to transport and store. It offers excellent maneuverability on a par with that of much more expensive models, a generously sized canopy with multiple well-placed peekaboo windows, and a simple-to-use recline that allows newborns to lie flat and older babies and kids to sit in virtually any position. Improvements on the original City Mini, such as an adjustable leg rest and front access to the underseat storage, offer comfort and convenience for both child and adult. The City Mini 2 is compatible with many infant car seats with the addition of the correct adapter," writes Wirecutter.

For forward-thinking parents, CNET says you may want to consider the double GT2: "It's a great idea to buy a convertible stroller for your first baby if you’re considering having a second. It gives you the flexibility to add another seat and convert it into a double later on down the line. But while a convertible stroller will work well enough, a dedicated double stroller might better suit your needs. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double is an all-terrain side-by-side double stroller with several advantages over a convertible double stroller. For one, its maneuverability doesn't change with the number and size of the kids it's carrying. A convertible double stroller has its seats arranged in a tandem configuration. If you have an older toddler in the front seat, the added weight over the front wheels will affect your steering effort. A side-by-side doesn't have that problem if you don't exceed the stroller's weight limits."

Anna in the House likes its versatility. "The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a bestselling stroller and a parent-favorite year after year. It's a full-size stroller that can work great as an off-road stroller, but also as a day-to-day stroller for errands."

Tied for the number-one spot, the UPPAbaby Vista includes its own list of future options. Babylist raves, "The Vista is all about options to accommodate growing families. From birth, use the included bassinet for strolling or for sleep. (You can also pair it with the UPPAbaby Mesa V2 or other compatible car seat.) When your child gets older, switch out the bassinet for the front or rear-facing toddler seat. Adding baby number two? Add on the multi-directional Rumble Seat or the PiggyBack Ride-Along Board for a big kid who wants to stand and ride. And as for performance, you won't be disappointed. The Vista is packed with high-end features parents love like an incredible suspension system, full seat recline, telescoping handlebar, huge underseat basket and an extendable canopy, just to name a few."

"The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller is consistently ranked as a top stroller because it combines luxury with extreme function so you don't have to choose between the two when moving around with your little one," says BabyCenter.

Considering this is one piece of baby gear you’re likely to use often over several years, it's an investment worth making. What to Expect writes, "There's no denying the expense of the UPPAbaby Vista 2, but it's definitely worth its weight in gold — and parents everywhere seem to agree."

"There's a lot to love about the Mockingbird, a stroller that looks much more expensive than it is. It features a UPF 50+-rated, all-weather canopy, as well as go-anywhere wheels, dual-frame and seat suspension, a rotating handlebar and a one-step foot brake. There's also an option to customize finish, colors and patterns. Best of all, the Mockingbird is modular. There are more than 18 arrangements for this stroller, including front-facing and parent-facing modes," praises CBS Essentials.

The Mockingbird is father-approved and rated the most versatile stroller by Fathercraft: "Built from sturdy aluminum with a utilitarian fabric pattern, cargo sling underneath, and the option to add another seat for another passenger, this stroller is like the Jack of All Trades when it comes to strollers. It's also compatible with other makes of infant car seat with the use of an adapter (sold separately)."

Good Housekeeping touts its great customer service and warranty. "As a direct-to-consumer brand, Mockingbird provides outstanding customer care, like their month-long at-home trial and lifetime warranty. The Good Housekeeping Institute awarded the Single-to-Double Stroller a 2022 Parenting Award for its great value and smart features."

Another from UPPAbaby, Mommyhood101 names the Cruz V2 the best all-around stroller: "Everything is thoughtfully designed including the easy-access basket, super easy folding, its ability to stand on its own when folded, and the easy-to-use recline and canopy adjustments. The canopy extension is pretty amazing itself, because it zips out from where the parent is standing, not from the front. It's the little things that make the Cruz stand out from the crowd, and of course the beautiful styling doesn't hurt at all! We’ve used the Cruz at least 100 times over the past decade of its evolution, and the Cruz V2 is truly superb: highly maneuverable, comfortable seating fabric and position, and a super smooth ride overall. Everything feels, looks, and acts high quality."

BabyGearLab also sings the praises of the Cruz V2. "If we picked a single option for friends concerned with product quality, it would be the UPPAbaby Cruz v2. No question. The Cruz v2 is lightweight (comparatively), easy to use, and uses high-quality materials that feel durable. Plus, the Cruz v2 works well with infant car seats, including a few of our favorites, like the UPPAbaby Mesa and Chicco KeyFit 30."

"If you are going to use a stroller on a regular basis (daily walks, trips to the park, etc.), this stroller is durable and versatile enough to carry one or more children for years. Not to mention, the Uppababy Cruz definitely is not lacking in style. In fact, it tops my list for looks!" enthuses Rookie Moms.

For a safe and affordable all-in-one travel system, Babylist touts Evenflo. "A car seat stroller combo, called a travel system, is all about value and convenience, and this one from Evenflo delivers on both fronts and then some. The Pivot has features we’ve come to expect from much pricier strollers, like the option to turn the regular seat into a newborn bassinet, a large canopy, a seat that can face forward or toward you and a removable child tray. The infant car seat that's included, the Safemax, far exceeds industry standards. The base is made of impact-absorbing materials and has a roll bar to deflect the force of a crash, along with lots more impressive safety features."

"This versatile car seat and stroller combo feature an easy-to-use stay-in-car base that makes it a breeze to transfer your child between the car and stroller, while additional features like an oversized storage basket and large cruiser tires make for a smooth, effortless ride. Plus, the large canopy and removable arm bar provide extra comfort and convenience for both you and your little one," writes Baby Adviser.

Select adds, "In addition to a self-standing fold and 22 configurations, this versatile stroller comes with a toddler seat that accommodates up to 55 pounds."

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