Dec 26, 2023

Walt Disney World Announces 2023 Magic HAP

Disney has announced that this year's pin trading event, titled Magic HAP-Pins, will be taking place at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort on August 25 and 26.

Guests can attend the special trading event this year at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort by purchasing one of two packages — the Apprentice or the Sorcerer.

For $100, guests can pick up the Apprentice Package, which includes the following:

Additionally for $200, guests can instead pick up the Sorcerer Package, which includes the following, with exclusive perks in bold:

Registration for the Disney Magic HAP-Pins Event will begin at 1:00 PM ET on June 13, 2023. See links below to register:

The first series of pins are called "Disney Magical Movie Moments" and feature classic Disney moments bursting out of old-fashioned TVs. Each of these are $24.99 and are limited to 750. Here we see "The Lion King" and "Lady and the Tramp."

"Alice in Wonderland" and "Aladdin" also get their own nods, though notably without Genie or Princess Jasmine.

"Peter Pan" and "Cinderella" keep the classics going.

Finally we have "Fantasia" and "Dumbo," both of which are bursting out of their TV sets.

The second series focuses on the magical moments we all experience when we visit Disney parks, embodied by the characters themselves. First up is Chip ‘n’ Dale seeing the castle (admittedly a more traditional-looking European castle), as well as Mickey and Minnie meeting a character.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald are all watching a parade, with Dumbo soaring overhead and Pinocchio actually on a Monstro float. The castle in the background is much closer to Cinderella Castle than the pin shown above. Second up are Huey, Dewey and Louie getting ear hats complete with monograms.

Stitch is riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant (the ride, not the character) in the first pin, while a car drives toward Walt Disney World's iconic entrance gate and Cinderella Castle in the second one.

Finally, we see Donald holding a pin trading board and Goofy buying a balloon. Each of these pins are limited to 500 editions and retail for $27.99.

Each of these pins features a Z-fold depicting the transformation of Disney villains into their respective alter egos. Each retails for $34.99 and has a limited edition of 500.

The next set features pairs of Disney miniature figures, stylized to be extra cute. The first pair is Sorcerer Mickey and Tinker Bell, second is Bruno and Olaf.

For the other two pairs, we have Genie and Cheshire Cat as well as Lumiere and Mushu.

Four jumbo pins themed to parades past and present will also be available. We have the Mickey floats from "Festival of Fantasy Parade" and "SpectroMagic," both from the Magic Kingdom.

Meanwhile we have the "Share a Dream Come True Parade" snow globe from the Magic Kingdom erroneously labeled to be for "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams" at Disneyland, as well as "Magic Happens," which is from Disneyland.

This is a box set of two pins and four interchangeable magnetic ride vehicle pins featuring four ride options: Space Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain. The two sets of riders are Mickey and Goofy, and Stitch and Angel.

This set of four spinner pins features a different enamel fill image of a famous Disney magician on each side. The first is Merlin, the second is Mickey, the third is Genie, and the fourth is Presto with Alec Azam the rabbit.

This set shows a variety of characters performing different spells from the films. Ursula, the trio of troublemaking witches from "Hocus Pocus," Jafar, Jack Skellington, Merlin, and Merryweather and Fauna from "Sleeping Beauty" are all featured in the set.

Next up is a Sorcerer Mickey with iridescent hat, and a magical Cinderella Castle with fireworks pictured in the background. The castle pin comes with two acrylic/acetate insert overlays to change the castle's appearance to holidays color schemes.

This mystery box set comes with two pins in each box. The collection is made up of eight pins total, creating Sorcerer Mickey's magical hat.

In this mystery box set, two pins come in each package. The collection has ten total pins depicting a variety of magical objects found within classic Disney films.

Each magical item is set atop a sparkling backdrop and includes: the comet fragment from "The Heart of Atlantis," the magical mirror from "Beauty and the Beast," Mickey's Sorcerer hat from "Fantasia," the voice-bearing conch shell worn by Vanessa in "The Little Mermaid," both the golden scarab and the lamp from "Aladdin," Excalibur from "The Sword in the Stone," the Sundrop flower from "Rapunzel," the cauldron from "The Black Cauldron," and the magic mirror from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

In this twelve-pin mystery box set, each purchase comes with two pins.

The pins represent a variety of musical numbers from Disney classics, including: "Brother Bear," "Pinocchio," "Moana," "Pocahontas," "Hercules," "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," "Frozen," "Rapunzel," "The Lion King," "Jungle Book," and "Toy Story." Interestingly, the "Toy Story" pin includes Jesse, which means the item is not referencing the first film in the franchise.

The final pin set in the collection features three images designed by the winner of the 2022 Guest Design Experience. Collaborating with Jason Peltz and Jess Willis, this designer came up with a three pin set that features a pin of Honey Lemon from "Big Hero 6," Snow White and Ariel.

Are you excited about any of these pin sets? Will you be attending this event in August? We’d love to see your opinions in the comments below.

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